From an Intern to a Software Development Engineer 2; Here’s Aakash Chugh’s journey with PayPal

In 2015, Aakash Chugh, a fresh graduate from PESIT with a Bachelor of Engineering (BE), Computer and Information Sciences degree joined PayPal as an intern in his quest to create impact with small methodical changes.

Within six months, he delivered an end-to-end solution that considerably reduced the search time for an internal process at PayPal. Nearly seven years later, he has grown to become a Software Development Engineer.  

When asked about what Chugh enjoys the most about engineering, he responded “The world has become a better place due to all the advancements in science and ideally its all the engineers who are making sure that this improvement is a continual process.”


Aakash's Favorites

In an ever-evolving world that is powered by technology, engineers such as him play a vital role in advancing innovation, integrating systems and providing consumers with seamless experiences. For over two decades, the #EngineersOfPayPal * have worked their magic to transform ideas into realities.

Engineers are the bedrock of PayPal’s robust payments platform. It is because of their persistence and rigor that the company has been able to transform into a commerce platform to provide customers and businesses unified experiences.

As part of the Credit Collections domain, Chugh has worked on innovative solutions, keeping customers at the core of everything he does. “These projects have not only helped me evolve professionally, and personally.” he added.

Through his time at PayPal, Chugh has excelled in the credit and security domain. He has bagged two wins at the internal Credit and Security Hackathons. He has been committed towards driving multiple center level activities, winning the Culture Champion Award in 2016 and the Ecosystem Evangelist in 2017.

* In the spirit of Engineer’s Day, the #EngineersOfPayPal series is aimed to spotlight all the remarkable work they have done across the Tech Centers in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad for PayPal, globally.

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