Subramaniajeeva Kandasamy, an Engineer at PayPal, has been building Large-scale systems and Secure platforms for close to a decade

The gratification that follows building a product from scratch is what drew 31-year-old Subramaniajeeva Kandasamy to engineering. He started his journey at PayPal almost 10 years ago as a college graduate. Today, as an MTS 2 software engineer, Jeeva is the Domain Lead for Enterprise Platform Services (EPS) organization. His primary role is to come up with delivery solutions, along with providing architectural guidelines for platforms like Secure File Transfer, Search, Notifications Central, Crawler, and Location Services.

With a unilateral solutions-driven approach, Jeeva strives to exceed the expectations of customers and realize PayPal’s vision of being a Customer Champion company.

Some of his most memorable work at PayPal includes building large-scale platforms on EPS. Apart from his love for programming and building scalable systems, the neural networks in the human body never cease to amaze Jeeva. So, had it not been engineering, he would have loved to become a neurosurgeon.


Jeeva's Favorites * In the spirit of Engineer’s Day, the #EngineersOfPayPal series is aimed to spotlight all the remarkable work they have done across the Tech Centers in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad for PayPal, globally.

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