An engineer who aspires to make a difference: Aishwarya Vasudevan

As part of the Global Merchant Lending team in Bangalore, Aishwarya Vasudevan works on designing and building mid-tier services to support merchant lending products such as the PayPal Working Capital that helps businesses get access to capital.  


Aishwarya's Favorites

Aishwarya’s passion for engineering stems from the joy of witnessing the positive impact that the products that she helps develop, brings to PayPal’s global base of customers.

She began her journey with PayPal three years ago. She has had the opportunity to work as full stack developer on several exciting projects, building our back-office tools. Java with spring and ReactJS are her choice of languages for backend and frontend apps respectively.]


Aishwarya is a multi-talented person with an unparalleled passion for music and had aspired to become a professional singer if she had not been an engineer. Aishwarya enjoys reading and recalls her favorite book as the Harry Potter Series– which was the first ever novel she read as a young child. She’s also a big fan of the Avengers and Marvel movies.


* In the spirit of Engineer’s Day, the #EngineersOfPayPal series is aimed to spotlight all the remarkable work they have done across the Tech Centers in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad for PayPal, globally.

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