PayPal has made Sakshi Sharma’s engineering journey special

Sakshi’s journey at PayPal started as an intern four years ago. Today, she is a software engineer in the Global Data Science team.   

She is responsible for the churning and brunching of activities that a customer performs across PayPal’s pages. Sakshi also handles the personalization of emails, SMS, and notifications, that is instrumental in ensuring the success of a marketing campaign. Her role also helps PayPal deliver on its commitment to becoming a Customer Champion company.  


Sakshi's Favorites

What Sakshi enjoys most about engineering is the fact that the scope of work is broad, and she never gets bored. She also enjoys the feeling of making a design come to life and being able to positively impact the lives of people. 

Some of Sakshi’s fondest memory at PayPal is working on marketing data platforms which, was her first Big Data project. This project contributed to her personal growth giving her an opportunity to learn as she overcame challenges. Sakshi has had the opportunity to work on a number of projects with some of the most amazing people making her experience even more memorable. 

* In the spirit of Engineer’s Day, the #EngineersOfPayPal series is aimed to spotlight all the remarkable work they have done across the Tech Centers in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad for PayPal, globally.   

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