PayPal PRIDE – An inclusive & diverse workforce fosters diversity of thoughts

An inclusive & diverse workforce fosters diversity of thoughts by Anupam Pahuja, Managing Director, PayPal India

“The key to community is the acceptance, in fact the celebration of our individual and cultural differences.” – these wise words by M. Scott Peck have always held a special place in my heart and continues to form an integral aspect of my principles.  

It is often said that one must be passionate towards their work and align with the company’s values to deliver success. Fortunately, my beliefs resonate well with PayPal values of inclusion, wellness, collaboration, and innovation.  Together, our deep commitment to make a positive difference in the world is reflective in the community we have built, the diverse customers we serve and the resilient workforce we have created.

At PayPal, our vision has been to reimagine money and democratize financial services by developing a financially inclusive ecosystem – we believe this is possible only by starting from the inside-out and building a team of employees which resembles the communities we serve and live in. Diversity & Inclusion has been one of PayPal’s fundamental pillars and guides everything we do. Not only does it define our social purpose but also blazes the company to its maximum potential.

Advocating for social equality has been ingrained into our work ethics and culture across the globe. Being inclusive extends beyond ethnicity to the LGBTQ+ community and forms an essential part of our business strategy and planning. Globally, over the last few years, PayPal has actively made an effort to support LGBTQ+ rights and has been recognized as one of the few companies consistently ranking 100% on the Corporate Equality Index (CEI). This perfect CEI score expresses the kind of work we do to promote and celebrate diversity.

This year, PRIDE month marks 6 months to the launch of the India chapter of PayPal PRIDE – our global initiative aimed to benefit and celebrate LGBTQ+ communities. As first steps, we have manifested inclusion and ensured the HR code of conduct meets and exceeds the minimum standards and local laws for LGBTQ+ rights. Here in India, we are committed to building a strong and diverse workforce which will in turn foster diversity of thought and help us better address the needs of the communities we serve.

I strongly believe that diversity at workplace cultivates a positive business ecosystem. Those who bring with them different experiences and backgrounds, promote varied and innovative thoughts across teams. In fact, a study by Boston Consulting Group found that companies with more diverse leadership teams have reported 19% higher revenues due to innovation.[1] A culture of care and empathy also creates a respectful environment, drawing and retaining talent in the long-term.

While corporate cultures have evolved to be more inclusive and accepting, there is yet a lot of work to be done in order to spread awareness and pivot perceptions. I urge leaders to make viable efforts to implement best practices and promote a safe environment for peers in the LGBTQ+ community. Let us lead by example for our future leaders.



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