Making a Difference for Our Planet and Our Communities

Every year on April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment and invest in our planet.

At PayPal, we are working to reduce our environmental footprint and support sustainability projects in the communities where we live and work. We are also focused on advancing innovations that can help vulnerable populations on the front lines of climate change better withstand and recover from climate disasters.  

Following a record year of volunteerism and giving in 2022, we are providing opportunities throughout the month of April for employees to support organizations that are helping to create a sustainable and equitable future for us all.

Making Our Communities Greener

PayPal is committed to improving financial health and expanding economic opportunity for communities around the world. We are taking action to help ensure climate-vulnerable communities can continue to participate fully and fairly in our global economy for years to come.

PayPal employees plant trees with  PayPal Community Impact partner, ExNoRa, in Chennai, India.
Chennai, India: PayPal employees plant trees with
PayPal Community Impact partner, ExNoRa.

Consistently high pollution levels from carbon emissions have drastically impacted the health of individuals around the world. A World Bank report estimates that health damage caused by air pollution costs more than US$8.1 trillion annually. In India, we have partnered with environmental organizations ExNoRa, Heartfulness and SankalpTaru, to help counter the effects of pollution and create stronger and more connected communities. Through the redevelopment of abandoned public spaces and planting of fruit tree saplings in community gardens, we are directly impacting the financially underserved communities facing food insecurity.

This year for Earth Day, PayPal employees will participate in tree planting efforts, which help reduce carbon levels and provide climate-vulnerable communities with clean jobs and food security. PayPal is partnering with environmental nonprofit organizations like EARTHDAY.ORG (US/PH) and Ground Up Initiative (SG) to organize employee volunteering events in locations where our employees live and work.

Donate to Protect the Planet

To continue our longstanding tradition of strengthening community resilience, employees can also build on their volunteerism efforts and give back to their communities through employee matching gifts. Featured environmental charities that are helping create a greener future – from supporting Indigenous communities in preserving natural ecosystems to reducing deforestation through clean cookstove projects – are available for selection via our Community Impact Hub.

A woman in a white tank top with a ponytail pins a race number which mentions charity One Tree Planted to the back of a person in a blue t-shirt.
Singapore: PayPal employees raised US$10,350 for
One Tree Planted in support of global reforestation efforts.

PayPal’s Community Impact program enables employees to foster stronger relationships with local communities through volunteering, charitable giving and employee engagement programs. We have seen great success through our Community Impact program as a tool that connects employees to our mission. By matching employee donations1 and amplifying their volunteer efforts with a corporate donation2, we’re advancing our collective social impact.

Our Sustainability Efforts

In 2021, PayPal committed to reaching net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and we are making measurable progress toward that goal. For the past two years, we have maintained our commitment to powering our global data center operations with 100% renewable energy.

We believe that economic opportunity and climate action are inextricably linked. In addition to mitigating our own impact, we are exploring ways that our products and services can enable commerce and investments in our planet that create economic opportunity for all.

Join us in investing in our planet this Earth Day and every day.


1PayPal matches employee donations to qualified nonprofits, dollar for dollar, up to US$2,500 annually.
2For every hour of volunteer time, PayPal gives $10 to the employee’s nonprofit of choice, up to US$500 a year.


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