A group of PayPal Superheroes created a COVID-19 information repository called ‘mySafePal’ to gives employees access to timely information

As the scale of the second wave of COVID-19 grew in the country, social media, news and other channels was flooded with information. Expectedly, not all sources were vetted, leaving many confused and unsure of where to turn to.

A platform that provided accurate and updated information was the need of the hour.

In response to this ask, a group of PayPal Super Heroes*, along with volunteers raised their hands to help.

This group of good Samaritans rallied to establish an easily accessible, central repository that housed government links on information related to availability of hospitals, beds, oxygen supplies, RTPCR tests, food delivery vendors and more all in one place known as mySafePal.

Today, in an efficient and timely manner, PayPal India employees can access to the information and locate resources.

Over 25 volunteers across multiple states came together and worked around the clock to seamlessly update the site with new information. They went above and beyond their call of duty- motivated by the need to help.  

Amongst them, Karthik Gowrishankar, a Product Manager at PayPal has played an integral role of designing and creating the mySafePal site.


Neetha Jayanth, Director of Emerging Seller Risk Management at PayPal who leads data infrastructure and automation, also prioritized the safety of her colleagues, and passionately devoted time to increase employee contribution towards collating verified information.



*We saw heroism and ingenuity from many member of our own PayPal family. As a tribute to them, PayPal’s Super Heroes series will acknowledge and feature those who selflessly stepped forward to offer their skills and time during COVID-19 to help their communities.

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