Innotopia Podcast S2E2 – Creating Global Connections in the Holiday season

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As globalization has made us all more connected and open to diversity, it has also acted as a rude awakening for many companies. Global retail brands have predominantly been dominated by Western European and American companies but their target markets are not one-dimensional. Love, Bonito, a Singapore-born clothing brand, has been advocating and working towards designing clothes for Asian women. In this episode, Shane Capron from PayPal’s International Marketing team chatted with Rachel Lim, co-founder of Love, Bonito, to learn about her inspiration in creating the unique brand. Rachel also shares tips on finding the perfect gifts for loved ones near or far, during this pandemic.

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* The second season of Innotopia podcast aims to explore how companies are innovating in the digital economy and more importantly how they’re navigating the new normal. We speak to merchants, entrepreneurs and PayPal employees across different verticals on the impact of COVID-19, how we can better prevent digital fraud, improve cybersecurity through PayPal enabled features, and innovate with technology. We also discuss ways in which retailers are utilizing digital tools to better serve their customers online and offline.

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