Financial health and flexibility: The need of the hour

In 2018, PayPal conducted an assessment to examine the financial wellness of its entry-level employees. The company found that despite market pay alignment, many employees were still struggling to pay their bills each month. In response to those findings, PayPal took immediate action to address these issues with the goal of increasing its employees’ net disposable income (NDI). Net disposable income is the calculation of the financial amount left after paying taxes and necessary living expenses.

At the start of 2020, the company rolled out a comprehensive financial health program that included making every employee a shareholder, raising wages, and offering new financial learning and counseling programs. A few months into the pandemic, the financial health of its employees became even more critical and the company continued to institute new policies and benefits to continue supporting its employees.

The launch of the partnership with EarlySalary is an added step in this direction, wherein an employee can choose the amount they want to withdraw up to the monthly percentage cap, and instantly deposit it to their bank account offering them better financial flexibility.


A recent poll conducted on LinkedIn by PayPal went on to highlight the critical nature of financial wellness towards overall employee well-being. Beyond physical and mental wellness, the pandemic has served as an important lesson on presenting people with financial autonomy and wellness initiatives to enhance the overall health of the general workforce. The poll found out that 70% of the respondents felt that ensuring financial wellness is the role of the employer, while 8% felt that the responsibility lay in the hands of an employee. On the other hand, 23% of the respondents felt that mental health takes priority over financial health – which highlights the evolving and progressive understanding of wellness in the workforce.


PayPal’s vision to democratize financial services and improve financial health of its employees is an ongoing commitment and the goal is to break down barriers and make it easier for people to manage their financial lives and pursue their dreams.

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