With Just A Little Effort, We Can All Make A World of Difference

With Just A Little Effort, We All Can Make A World of Difference


Earth Day is one of those occasions that draws our attention to the issues we face in building a sustainable environment and compels us to think of means to tackle them. Governments and organizations around the world have been committed to this cause but it is equally important to acknowledge and applaud individual efforts – small and big – aimed at creating a better, sustainable future. And that is what we aim to do by sharing the stories of three PayPal India employees who have worked on sustainable innovations in order to make a positive impact on the environment.

Kiran Patil, Engineering, DPX, Bangalore

Kiran saves both power and power cost with his own rooftop solar installation.

The use of solar power can help a nation reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. Rooftop solar power systems are pollution-free and easy to install. “If you have an inverter with batteries at home, and enough space on your roof, you can easily install solar panels yourself at a cost of less than ₹50,000. By doing so, you can save up to ₹1000 per month on your electricity bill,” says Kiran.

Kiran has a household lighting circuit (5A) in his home, connected to a 1500KVA Invertor with 2 C10 Batteries of 150AH. His inverter, however, was of an old make and did not support solar charging. To address this, Kiran bought a retrofit solar charger, which would charge the batteries directly. He also bought three 270W solar panels, a frame to mount the panels and other necessary accessories such as DC cables, DCDB, solar panel connectors, and casing pipes. The installation generates 3.5KW per day and enables Kiran to save around ₹1000 every month on his electricity utility bill.

Check out this video for the steps involved in the installation.

Sathish Vaidyanathan, Director, Engineering, International Markets, Chennai

Sathish’s pond restoration project addresses the water problems of a village.

Thappalampuliyur village in Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, is home to over 1500 families that depend on three ponds to provide water for their needs. By 2017, however, reduction in ground water levels, irregular rains, and drought had led to the drying up of these ponds. Over the past two years, Sathish, along with a team of retired and working professionals, worked with the village locals on a project to desilt and restore these ponds. The project has yielded significant environmental and economic benefits. It has not only increased the water level and retention capacity of the ponds but also elevated the ground water levels in surrounding areas. “If this model were to be replicated across similarly water-starved regions in India, there is a good chance of increasing groundwater levels across the country and sustainably addressing the lack of water supply from rivers,” he believes.

Sathish has also shared some of the management lessons he learned during this restoration project, in this post on LinkedIn.

Subha Viswanathan, Program Manager, Gops, Chennai

From plastic-free shopping to home-made soap to menstrual cups, Subha prefers things that are environment-friendly yet cost-effective.

Subha believes that, even while living in bustling cities, we can enjoy a healthy and sustainable life. Six years ago, the demise of a close relative made Subha take a break from work and pay attention to health and wellness – her own and her family’s. She started using more of organic food and package-free groceries and went completely plastic-free, using her own non-plastic bags and containers to even carry such things as oils and vegetables. Next, in a bid to find chemical-free alternatives for home cleaners and bathing supplies, she learned how to make her own soaps and detergents using household ingredients. “I was so happy that I could make something safe, not only for my family but also for my friends to use,” says Subha. “I then decided to also do something about the sanitary waste in the house. Sanitary napkins are chemically bleached and can cause harm in the long run. I found out about menstrual cups, and soon realized what a boon they are. Using them, I feel as comfortable and active as on any other day.” Subha willingly shares her knowledge and experiences with her friends and colleagues with the intent of helping the community.

PayPal celebrates and endorses the spirit demonstrated by Kiran, Sathish and Subha in making our communities, our lives, and ultimately our planet, a cleaner and healthier place to live in. For, both our personal and professional worlds can truly sustain and flourish only if Mother Earth does.


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