PayPal Employees Award Grants to 21 Nonprofit Organisations in Asia Pacific

PayPal employees recently cast their votes in this year’s PayPal Community Impact Grants Program, which awards local nonprofits with monetary grants, access to volunteers, pro bono support and other capacity-building resources. Nearly 11,000 PayPal employees in more than 24 countries participated in this year’s selection program and awarded grants of up to $20,000 to 71 organizations in communities around the world.

Across the region, employees remained committed to strengthening their communities by helping children and youth. A total of $195,000 was granted to 12 charitable organisations in Australia, China, Hong Kong SAR, China, India, Japan, Philippines, and Singapore to support initiatives ranging from hunger relief to mentorship and educational outreach programmes.  

“Championing possibilities for all is at the heart of our work at PayPal. I’m proud of our community stepping up to uplift our communities and contribute to our shared vision of fighting economic inequality. We look forward to collaborating closely with the selected nonprofits to achieve long-lasting impact for the underserved,” said Aaron Wong, CEO of PayPal Pte Ltd and APAC Community Impact Sponsor.

Women’s economic empowerment continues to be a global imperative. In Asia, it is estimated that women represent two thirds of the poor in Asia. As part of our mission to build a more inclusive global economy, our employees in India also nominated the Association for Sustainable Community Development (ASSCOD) and Community Action, Development, Liberative and Education (CANDLE), two grassroots level organisations empowering rural women through capacity building initiatives, as grant recipients. These contributions build on PayPal’s over US$100 million commitment to advancing financial inclusion and economic empowerment of women and girls made at the United Nation’s Generation Equality Forum last year. 

The nonprofits selected further PayPal’s key impact areas: economic empowerment, financial health, environmental sustainability and social justice. In addition to the grants, these organizations will have the ability to share best practices and connect with each other over the next year. PayPal’s employees also will work with the nonprofit partners to maximize sustainable impact.  

PayPal employees will support these organizations through giving and volunteerism. PayPal employees will use their skills during volunteer events to advance the mission of these nonprofit organizations and further the company’s impact within the communities where PayPal employees live and work. By including all PayPal employees in the grantmaking process, we bring diverse perspectives together to understand how we can best serve communities. In 2021, PayPal employees demonstrated their generosity and desire to support their communities by volunteering over 80,000 hours and donating nearly US$5 million (including matching) in 2021.

For more information on PayPal’s Community Impact Program, please visit PayPal About Us.

The nonprofits in the Asia Pacific region receiving 2022 Community Impact Grants include:

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