11 years and counting! Meet Jeyakrishna Ramamoorthy, PayPal’s veteran Engineer

Having been with PayPal for over a decade, Jeyakrishna Ramamoorthy has had the opportunity to see the company evolve into a global leader in digital payments. As a software engineer, Jeyakrishna works as a Senior Member of Technical Staff, and has overseen multiple projects during his time.

In his current role, Jeyakrishna designs solutions for new ideas, with a focus on solving for the end customer. He says that every problem has alternate approaches/solutions and its all about finding the balance between various trade-offs such as availability, performance, scalability, ease of implementation, time to market, extensibility, maintainability, etc. He believes that in order to do an engineering job well requires understanding and breaking down the problem domain, design and articulating the architecture to the stakeholders.

Jeyakrishna's Favorites

When asked what he enjoys most about work, Jeyakrishna said “Every product and customer experience that we build involves several activities starting from requirements to maintenance. During the process, there is so much scope and opportunity to use your skills, be creative and learn. Architecting a challenging problem at scale and getting all the pieces to fit together and see it deliver compelling service to customers is fascinating to me.”

Through his time at PayPal, Jeyakrishna recalls countless initiatives and projects that he enjoyed working on one such project being geo distributed processing.  


Mentoring other engineers are among the few things that Jeyakrishna has enjoyed at PayPal. “There are multiple opportunities to learn and the culture of collaboration and coaching has opened many doors and expanded my horizon” he adds.

In fact, if Jeyakrishna didn’t dip his toes into engineering, he would have wanted to be a teacher. “Teaching gives me immense satisfaction, and through the mentorship and coaching initiatives at PayPal, I am fortunate to do both!” says Jeyakrishna.

* In the spirit of Engineer’s Day, the #EngineersOfPayPal series is aimed to spotlight all the remarkable work they have done across the Tech Centers in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad for PayPal, globally.

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