Managing New Age Risks


In the modern, connected world, where businesses rely heavily on digital platforms and technologies, ensuring the security of our online presence is mission critical. The threat landscape is constantly evolving, bringing new challenges and risks for businesses to tackle. To thrive in this digital-first era, businesses must possess a mindset of embedding risk management deeply into their business strategy and not approach it as an afterthought.

In the above video, V. Chandramouliswaran, Vice President of Data and Site Leader for PayPal India, delves into the evolution of digital payments and provides insights for small and medium-sized businesses to safeguard their operations and maintain customer trust.

Additionally, he explains the key elements of an effective risk management strategy that will help businesses establish themselves as trusted partners, earn the credibility of their customers, and distinguish themselves from their competitors. Furthermore, he stresses on investing in the importance of continuous upskilling for employees to ensure that organizations possess the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively navigate the complex threat landscape.

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