Building A Future of Possibility

At PayPal, we understand that economic prosperity and climate action are inextricably linked. The destabilizing effects of climate change, including increasingly frequent and severe storms, droughts, and heatwaves are disproportionately endured by people who are financially underserved. This means we have a duty to responsibly manage our impact and advance global environmental progress for all.

With environmental sustainability and climate action being of critical importance to PayPal’s mission of enabling all people to participate fully in the global economy, here’s how PayPal continues to invest in the future of possibility.

Empowering Employee Climate Impact

Our employees share the same commitment to the planet and are actively engaged in PayPal’s environmental initiatives. For example, PayPal employees in Bangalore, India collaborated with SankalpTaru Foundation to launch PayPal Dharma – an initiative to plant over 5,000 native and fruit-bearing trees in four different states, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, and West Bengal.

“We decided to help mitigate our carbon impact across all of our PayPal India offices and provide economic opportunities for rural communities,” said Wisnu Visvanathan, Community Impact Leader, PayPal Bangalore. PayPal Dharma will also plant a tree for each work anniversary of employees based out of India. The initiative will support local farming communities by enabling a sustainable stream of income for the farmers from the fruit and medicinal ingredients that can be harvested from the trees.

Empowering Individuals for Climate Resilience

At PayPal, we care deeply about the environment and volunteer their time and skills throughout the year to address sustainability issues. Whether it’s volunteering on Earth Day, participating in Global Climate Action Week, auditing our office waste streams to boost recycling or encouraging environmental innovation, we’re harnessing the creativity and passion of our people to advance our sustainability agenda.

Through Climate Week, PayPal organized a series for events aimed at bolstering the health of our planet. Greenathon – a sustainability themed hackathon witnessed enthusiastic participation from the PayPalians who shared their ideas on adopting an eco-friendlier and more sustainable lifestyle. Over 30 interesting submissions were received during the event.

During a session on "Exploring sustainability in the Indian context” by Simmi Sareen, Founder of GreenFunder- a platform helping sustainable, climate positive businesses get access to capital, spoke about the various sustainability efforts happening in India, and building the ecosystem to support social enterprises.

A DIY event on “Green Bottle Planters” was organized by Bhumi to advance the concept of 'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' by making plastic bottles into mini planters for microgreens.

Creating a Greener Planet for Better Tomorrow

We have a responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint and an opportunity to advance global environmental goals. Achieving climate stability is vital to fulfilling our company’s mission to creating an inclusive economy where every single person can make a meaningful living.

As a testimony to our continued commitment towards climate stability, PayPal collaborated with Grow- Trees to promote planting of trees in Mumbai. We understand that one of the best ways towards achieving our sustainability goals is to create a greener planet. Trees provide a multitude of benefits, both long and short term. As part of the initiative, PayPal organized a tree plantation event to commemorate Earth Day where over 60 trees were planted.

Making Every Effort Count to Combat Climate Crisis

In addition to collaborating with NGOs, PayPal organized several initiatives to raise awareness for the growing climate issues around the world. To celebrate Earth Day, a drawing contest for kids was held. The event provided a platform to 35 of our Mini PayPalians to make the world a better place with their art and creativity.

On Earth Day, a series of informative mailers were circulated to help spread awareness and provide innovative tips on a sustainable life. Events such as Green Talk and Save Trees were conducted to reinforce PayPal’s commitment to lead the way to a stable climate future.

How You Can Act

We encourage you to visit PayPal Giving Fund and support some of the featured organizations that are helping to create a greener future. PayPal covers all processing costs, ensuring that 100% of your donation will support the charities.


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