Unleashing the power of technology to empower lives of children with disabilities

Over the last few decades, technology has played a significant role in our lives playing the role of a disruptor, transformer and enabler.

One of the greatest benefits of technology has been the ability to create a level playing field for children with disabilities. By pivoting towards digitization, NGOs are helping bridge the opportunity gap and make a positive impact on society.

One such NGO is Swabodhini. Established in 1989, Swabodhini aims to provide education, training and therapy services to children with disabilities and enable them to lead a self-sufficient life. To curate a customized program for the students, Swabodhini needed to maintain an exhaustive database of student information, courses, mentors and course progress.

However, given the magnitude of the task, it was becoming exceedingly difficult to process this data at scale. To enhance efficiency, Swabodhini needed a platform that could store and process all this data in a seamless manner.

PayPal collaborated with Swabodhini to assess and understand their challenges. The team took it upon themselves to put together a web application which allowed the NGO to not only store data but also manage it with ease. Our team of engineers built a simple yet robust content management system which could be easily navigated and used to create customized programs as per the needs of the students. Additionally, using the tech enabled platform, Swabodhini could monitor progress of each student.

Our engineers worked closely with the team from Swabodhini during the entire process of building and deploying the solution. The two teams monitored progress and addressed issues that came up along the way. For our engineers, this was an opportunity to go above and beyond their duty and use their knowledge and skills to make a real difference.


Meet the team

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