Social Media and Online Selling a Key Growth Enabler for Small Business Owners

SMBs across APAC have shown great resilience and tenacity to overcome the impact of the pandemic by adopting a digital first approach and adapting to the needs of the new digital consumer through social media. Currently, 53% in Singapore, 56% in Hong Kong and 18% in Japan use social media as a selling channel.[1]

E-commerce has been a key enabler for small businesses in Singapore and Hong Kong, social media is now one of the most popular channels for selling online. Interestingly, a significant number of small businesses began to sell on social media during the pandemic with 90% of them focusing on digital marketing.

While the user-friendly interface and natural transition from non-sale purpose to selling are top reasons to utilize social media platforms, growing competition has emerged as a strong reason for its popularity. 14% SMBs in Hong Kong and 19% in Singapore intend to use and are in the process of streamlining social media solutions for their businesses.  ​

Apart from the fact that selling on social media is extremely easy and promotes healthy competition, it has also helped brands understand and educate their audience on social causes.


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