PayPal India’s Rapid Response team provided round the clock assistance and support

The impact of the second wave of the pandemic was profound and severe. The medical infrastructure was unprepared for the enormity of the crisis and patients were unable to get access to timely treatment. This was coupled with lack of information around available resources.

PayPal employees spent an inordinate amount of time getting verified information to help themselves and their loved ones in every way possible living up to the #OneTeam spirit. The team identified that the need of the hour was to have a platform that provided accurate and updated information. In response to this ask, a group of PayPal Superheroes*, along with volunteers launched a website called mySafePal – a comprehensive list of COVID resources across India that housed government information related to availability of hospitals, beds, oxygen supplies, RTPCR tests, food delivery vendors and more.

To ensure that the employees got access to mySafePal efficiently, a Rapid Response Team (RRT) with employees from the security, administration, HR and a group of volunteers, for streamlining responses and providing timely information.  

Amidst all the despair and chaos which took place during the second wave of the pandemic, what emerged was a strong sense of camaraderie and colleagues willing to go above and beyond.  True to PayPal's value of collaboration, employees came together to offer support to their colleagues & family members from providing information, making calls to procure medical resources just to name a few. 


The RRT had members who could speak multiple local languages. They were also well-versed with local nuances across states which made communication more efficient and accurate. The team was available 24/7, to receive queries via a hotline on the resources available and communicate with hospitals, medicine suppliers etc.  to provide information, thereby helping their colleagues.


The RRT team has been a critical resource to aid employees with lifesaving information. These COVID 19 superheroes were a ray of light on gloomy times and messages of gratitude have been pouring in from employees not just in India but outside as well.

Prasad Dasari, Senior Manager, Admin, PayPal said "During these uncertain times we need to spread kindness and help others all around us. We need to go above and beyond and do what is right which is what the Rapid Response Team did.  As Buddha says, ‘Do it over and over again, and you will be filled with joy’.”

*We saw heroism and ingenuity from many members of our own PayPal family. As a tribute to them, PayPal’s Super Heroes series will acknowledge and feature those who selflessly stepped forward to offer their skills and time during COVID-19 to help their communities.

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