Powering Socio-Economic Change with Technology

The last two years have highlighted our capabilities as a society to evolve, adapt, influence and thrive. Digitalization has played a key role in this – it has enabled connectivity and engagements across all facets of our lives.

Keeping pace with these trends has been of utmost importance for brands and organizations to both survive and thrive. However, small organizations, especially NGOs have faced challenges in bridging the digital parity, innovating and establishing digital points of connectivity with stakeholders on account of lack of resources to revamp processes and platforms.

The Association for Sustainable Community Development (ASSCOD), an NGO operating in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu helps in promoting and developing the socio-economic conditions and welfare of people in these communities. They also look after women who have been victims of gender inequality, domestic violence, and have no access to livelihood opportunities. However, the NGO was not equipped with resources to maintain a website to connect with stakeholders, including donors.

For an NGO to be able to deliver on its commitment, an updated website is quintessential. Although, ASSCOD had an existing website, it was not equipped to accept online donations; did not have important regulatory documents like 8OG and was not updated on a regular basis. These posed as barriers in establishing trust and attracting donors.

PayPal’s engineers took it upon themselves to reimagine the website and pivoting it into an easy operating system that the NGO could later navigate and update.  

The engineers collected information and details from every existing page and subsequently designed and built a site structure which was launched within a month. The revamped website reflected the NGO’s values, incorporated branding and colours to align with industry standards and built legitimacy. To address the donations challenge, PayPal integrated ASSCOD’s website with a payment gateway, enabling online donations.  


The new platform is easy to run and use, ensuring the NGO is able to update and maintain it on their own.  A number of knowledge transfer sessions were also conducted to keep ASSCOD’s team abreast with technology developments.


Meet the team: 

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