Powering Social Upliftment Through Technology

Organizational efficiency has been a key factor which has led to accelerated digital adoption over the years. The advantages of strengthening operational set-up with technology are many; and these benefits were reaffirmed during the pandemic.

Good Life Centre, a charitable organization based in Tamil Nadu was looking for a solution to digitally streamline their donor management tracker. Established in 1996, the non-profit has been serving homeless children, the physically and mentally challenged, destitute, abandoned children, and senior citizens.

Good Life Centre depended on collating donor details and donations through offline channels. This was becoming a challenge since the process of entering data manually in an excel sheet was cumbersome and inefficient. Good Life Centre did not have an online platform which could enable donations to be made via bank transfers or UPI.

Through India Opportunity Hackathon organised by the Tech For Good community at PayPal, Good Life Centre was able to connect with a dynamic set of six engineers who were willing to devise a tech- based solution. The PayPal team swiftly evaluated and assessed the NGO’s requirement to create mock screens for a donor management app. Once the workflow was completed, the UX and UI specialists brought the software to life. The final product was a seamless payment gateway for donations. It also comprised of an admin flow which allowed for these donations to be tracked and managed, as well as for offline contributions to be added.

The PayPal team stayed in constant contact with Good Life Centre throughout the entire process of building the product. Weekly virtual meetings were facilitated wherein progress as well as challenges were discussed.  For the engineers, this was an opportunity to use their tech skills for a greater purpose. While this meant putting in extra hours, the effort was worth it. 

Meet the PayPal team

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