PayPal: Empowering Indian businesses to grow globally

In an interview with Shradha Sharma, Founder of YourStory, Chandni Nihalani spoke about PayPal’s legacy in India and how it has been serving local customers with a suite of options and solutions customized for the market.

Following the initial impact of the pandemic, businesses became more open to innovating and experimenting with their products and services, with a more consumer-centric approach. This led us to dive deep into customers’ buying patterns and behaviors to provide them with the best services that lay the foundation of trust on which PayPal is built. Considering that 80% of PayPal’s volumes are being driven by 30% of its users, it is a testament to the loyalty and trust customers place in the PayPal brand.

Owing to technology, businesses have bounced back since the pandemic. Covid-19 brought opportunities for small businesses to grow beyond boundaries. The accelerated adoption of digital tools helped level the playing field for most businesses. PayPal’s mission is to democratize access to financial services by helping Indian MSMEs expand their reach to a global audience with the right learnings and tools, as well as providing a seamless, secure, and flexible platform for consumers

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