Levelling up mobile gaming with secure and convenient payment solutions

PayPal empowers gaming companies to expand their businesses with its user-friendly features and advanced security protocols.

In Southeast Asia, a region known for its rapid technological adoption and flourishing gaming culture, mobile gaming has seen exponential growth, emerging as both a cultural phenomenon and a lucrative industry.

In 2024, the mobile gaming segment in Southeast Asia is projected to generate around US$3.14 billion (S$4.24 billion) in revenue, reflecting the market’s strong potential.

Amid this growth, game developers and publishers face the challenge of creating engaging games while ensuring seamless and secure in-game transactions. This is where digital payments provider PayPal comes into play, offering solutions that streamline the purchasing process while safeguarding user data. Not only does this enhance the gaming experience for the individual but it also helps gaming businesses to grow their global footprint.

“To improve retention and revenue per player, in-game purchases must be intuitive,” said Ms Pooja Sanan, head of sales (Southeast Asia) at PayPal. “This can be achieved through PayPal’s secure one-click checkouts, allowing gamers to return to the action as quickly as possible without the hassle of navigating payment processes mid-game.”

She added: “By integrating PayPal’s solutions, gaming companies gain access to a suite of tools and services, enabling them to offer a variety of payment methods used across the globe, with the flexibility to activate them as required in their target markets.”


Security is a cornerstone of PayPal’s solutions, especially in an industry with high transaction volumes and low transaction values, which can be appealing targets for fraud. In Southeast Asia, the independent monitoring group Cyber Scam Monitor reports significant growth in the online gaming and scam industries since 2010, with rapid expansion in countries like the Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

Closer to home, Singapore experienced 32 million digital fraud attacks in 2022, primarily targeting e-commerce payment transactions. This represents a 146 per cent increase from the previous year and is more than five times the global average.

The rise of digital fraud demonstrates the need for sophisticated security solutions that reduce the risk of data breaches and scams.

“Using a payment service like PayPal that supports vaulting and tokenisation can enhance the overall security posture for gaming merchants and their customers,” said Ms Sanan.  

Another security measure implemented by PayPal for users is Passkeys – a method of securely logging into the PayPal platform using biometrics instead of a password. This enhances user peace of mind while completing online transactions.


One gaming company that has benefited from PayPal’s solutions is global lifestyle brand Razer, which has developed a comprehensive ecosystem for gamers, including high-performance gaming hardware, software and services.

The Razer Gold platform, a virtual credit system, allows gamers to securely buy digital content and services across various games and platforms. Gamers can use the virtual currency to pay for over 60,000 games and entertainment titles.

To enhance the security of the system, Razer collaborated with PayPal to integrate secure payment systems into Razer Gold. The integration simplifies transactions and addresses critical security concerns, a key priority when making in-game purchases. Common issues such as fraud and unauthorised transactions are mitigated by PayPal’s robust security measures, which include end-to-end encryption and continuous transaction monitoring.

“PayPal enhances the convenience and accessibility of purchasing in-game items and content on the Razer Gold platform,” said Mr Voon Jia Liang, Razer’s senior director for global business development (services). “Moreover, the integration supports multiple currencies, which is crucial for our global user base, streamlining the process for international transactions.”

The partnership has proven mutually beneficial. For PayPal, it represents an opportunity to deepen engagement with a dynamic sector. For Razer, PayPal’s extensive capabilities and established regional network support its expansion efforts, particularly in the Southeast Asian market – a key growth area for Razer Gold.

“PayPal’s widespread acceptance among consumers in these markets facilitates entry and adoption,” Mr Voon shared. “Its experience in handling diverse payment methods will be invaluable as we navigate different market dynamics and consumer preferences in Southeast Asia.”

Mr Voon revealed that the adoption of PayPal has led to increased transaction volumes and broader user engagement on Razer Gold.  “The community appreciates the flexibility and security associated with PayPal, which has translated into higher transaction completion rates and reduced cart abandonment,” he shared.

Said Ms Sanan: “There is no better time than now for game developers and publishers in Southeast Asia to grow their global footprint. By creating a seamless and secure player experience, developers and publishers can potentially boost revenue streams, increase their player base and bring the joy of gaming into the lives of more people around the world.”

Discover how PayPal can help your gaming business.

Exclusively appeared on CNA

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