Innotopia Podcast S2E3 – Navigating Online and Offline Business Demands During the New Normal

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As stay-at-home orders and country-wide lockdowns start to ease across Asia, people are more excited than ever to connect during the holiday season and undoubtedly, holiday shopping is a priority for many. Kasia Leyden, PayPal’s Senior International Marketing Director, chatted with Sharon Wong, founder and CEO at motherswork, on navigating online and offline business demands in the new normal. They talked about the company’s efforts to proactively prioritize and expand business pilots into new areas.  Sharon also shares her experience in learning to better balance the demands of work and life.

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* The second season of Innotopia podcast aims to explore how companies are innovating in the digital economy and more importantly how they’re navigating the new normal. We speak to merchants, entrepreneurs and PayPal employees across different verticals on the impact of COVID-19, how we can better prevent digital fraud, improve cybersecurity through PayPal enabled features, and innovate with technology. We also discuss ways in which retailers are utilizing digital tools to better serve their customers online and offline.

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