The Changemakers of Tomorrow Series: Every Shoe Tells a Unique Story


PayPal’s Changemakers of Tomorrow series pays tribute to everyday heroes in Singapore who impact society and bring purpose into the lives of Singaporeans. When it comes to being a business for good, Anothersole walks the talk through its annual pledge to contribute 10% of its profits towards feeding children, building sustainable communities, and supporting their future. Its impact-absorbing leather shoes have built a loyal customer base of repeat purchasers over the years.

Anothersole shoes

Despite the plethora of footwear available in the market today, Anothersole has quickly made its way into the hearts of Singaporeans. To many of them, Anothersole is synonymous with “walking on clouds.”

Building a brand with character, purpose, and soul

In 2016, its founders aspired to create a timeless pair of shoes that would resonate with women from all walks of life – shoes that were functional, comfortable, and durable.

Since its debut, Anothersole has become everything that it was designed to be and more. Anothersole inspires customers through its ethos of “Make Good, Do Good,” which sees the brand donating 10% of its profits towards charities that build sustainable communities, help feed children and support their future. Many Singaporeans, including the younger generation, care deeply about the well-being of their communities, especially amidst unprecedented times like these. In fact, research has shown that they firmly believe businesses have a responsibility to do social good.

Creating experiences that surpass ordinary shoe-shopping

Using PayPal to checkout at Anothersole

There are different types of leather that Anothersole offers, each with a distinct characteristic. To enrich their customers’ shopping experience and make it memorable, Anothersole takes shoppers on an educational journey. For instance, there have been many shoppers curious about the difference between wearing smooth versus suede leather.

Typically, brands either have an FAQ section or online bots to answer these types of questions, but not Anothersole. Employees personally respond to their international customers’ queries received across their website and various social media channels.

Dodging the curveballs

Surviving Covid-19 and its unique set of challenges is no easy feat, especially for small homegrown brands. Anothersole however greatly benefitted from its nimbleness and agility. While lockdowns brought all manufacturing operations to a halt – Anothersole managed to pull through with whatever stock they had at hand in Singapore. A combination of quick response and efficient inventory management helped prevent any shortages.

The pandemic also brought about a change in consumer mindset and shopping behavior. Some shoppers preferred to buy better-quality goods due to having less disposable income. Anothersole emerged as the preferred choice for these shoppers thanks to its affordable premium quality leather that could endure sustained wear and tear.

Trust remains paramount for overseas shoppers

Anothersole worker with shoes.

Today, Anothersole has built a growing fanbase of loyal shoppers who rave about the quality of shoes among their friends and families. This has drawn many new shoppers locally and internationally; most of which shop for their second or even third pair of shoes just weeks after their first purchase.

Anothersole attributes this success to partners like PayPal, for enhancing the experience and adding a much-needed layer of checkout security. Trust is especially crucial for overseas shoppers who are unfamiliar with the brand. Seeing PayPal’s logo helps give international shoppers peace of mind to make their first purchase – then the rest is history.

Anothersole’s success doesn’t end here. Its collaboration with PayPal will continue to play an instrumental role as Anothersole looks to scale across the globe.

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