The Changemakers of Tomorrow Series: Championing a Community of Good Dog People

PayPal’s Changemakers of Tomorrow series pays tribute to everyday heroes in Singapore who impact society and bring purpose into the lives of Singaporeans. Among them, Good Dog People is shaking up the scene for pet owners in Singapore, with its transparent and ethical procurement of food, play, and care products for pets. Good Dog People is also committed to being a business for good, through initiatives for social inclusiveness and sustainability.

Terry Peh, founder of Good Dog People

There is never a dull day for entrepreneurs who follow their passion and find joy in what they do. This is especially true for Terry Peh, founder of Good Dog People. In 2017, he decided to set aside a thriving career in digital marketing and follow his heart. Today, he runs a successful online business that has made responsible pet supplies--like food, snacks and treats, health-related items, accessories, toys, and many more--easily accessible and affordable for Singaporeans.

A fresh take on pet wellbeing

When asked what sparked the creation of Good Dog People, Terry said, “Today, we are extremely conscious about what we consume and feed our children – then why are we not concerned about the ingredients that our pets consume?”

Terry owns two adopted Miniature Schnauzers and shows them the same love and care he would if they were his children. He believes that if children are nurtured to live long and healthy lives - why not pets? His love for pets, and his desire to improve their quality of life, gave him the courage to make this pivotal career move.

Previously, people in Singapore used to purchase pet supplies from either supermarkets or pet stores. There was no third option. The issue was that many products were of inferior quality, and some were even harmful for consumption. While these stores stocked products for all kinds of pets, there was no dedicated store to cater to the diverse needs of dogs.

Terry Peh of Good Dog People in warehouse

Good Dog People was created with a mission to educate and enable Singaporeans to better care for their pets’ health and wellbeing. It has filled the gap by being the first of its kind to implement stringent procurement processes for sourcing high-quality and environmentally friendly products. Beyond just providing better access to finer products, pet owners can approach the business to seek advice or recommendations. This has created a community where pet owners can come together and collectively improve the lifestyle of their pets.

Terry has made this community a part of meaningful causes. For instance, Good Dog People has collaborated with Daniel Boey, a judge on “Asia's Next Top Model,” to present a "Good Dogs & People" runway show to raise awareness for responsible pet ownership and to encourage people to #AdoptDontShop. It also supports the disability community and social enterprises such as The Animal Project and special needs artists like Sijun to reinforce the message that every abandoned dog deserves a chance to be accepted and loved again.

Part of being responsible pet owners involves caring for the planet and reducing our environmental impact. As Singapore progresses towards a greener and more sustainable future, Good Dog People takes the lead in its sector by opting for recycled and biodegradable materials for its packaging. It further encourages the community to follow suit by rewarding them for recycling pet food packaging.

A partner for every journey

Laptop showing Good Dog People online shop

When setting up an online business, Good Dog People needed an ecosystem partner that was credible, trustworthy, and empowering. PayPal was the first choice for its ability to provide a seamless and secure online customer experience. Terry adds that PayPal was a name that customers in Singapore and overseas instantly recognized and trusted. This was an important factor as before COVID-19, Good Dog People was gaining popularity among customers in foreign markets such as Australia, the U.S., and the Middle East. Good Dog People also placed its confidence in PayPal for its commitment to supporting and enabling small businesses in Singapore.

A community drawn together by purpose

Terry describes the fanfare that Good Dog People has garnered as a “humbling experience.” As it expands and reinvents itself, it will continue to disrupt the pet supplies industry. For customers, it is not just a brand, but a community that they are proud to be actively involved in. Thanks to the positive feedback and strong word-of-mouth support, the business continues to grow.

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