2021 Borderless Commerce Report

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One year into the global pandemic, daily lives are inevitably affected in all corners of the world with its impact persists. It is no longer a temporary short-term matter but becoming a “new reality” for everyone. PayPal has seen the changes in how individuals transact, including shopping behaviours and the rise of eCommerce.

As part of its commitment in supporting the business community, PayPal has launched 2021 Borderless Commerce Report which captures the current and upcoming shopping behaviours that will shape the future of cross-border commerce, and helps businesses to identify potential growth areas.

The report highlights consumer behaviours observed from 13 key markets across the globe. In addition to the key markets that Asia Pacific merchants are most familiar with, such as China, U.K. and U.S., the report also looked into eCommerce and cross-border opportunities from the emerging markets such as India and Mexico.

Here are some key trends the report concluded:

  • Significant surge of online shopping worldwide
  • Mobile commerce growth reaches a tipping point while social media became another popular shopping channel
  • The shift to digital payment

Please click the below for the full 2021 Borderless Commerce Report.

Hong Kong:



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